Published, Actionable Intelligence White Paper on the legitimacy of Premium Compatibles gets its facts right, and vindicates what we at Print Rite have known for many years.

Charlie Brewer published and launched the Actionable Intelligence white paper, titled “Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change the Third – Party Printer Supplies Market” at a prestigious VIP invitation only luncheon event called OCTA, held at the St. Regis hotel in Zhuhai, China October 17th.

In his presentation Mr. Brewer focused on the rising importance of legitimate new built premium cartridges that support the demand for high quality and full Intellectual Property compliance on products, particularly needed in Europe and North America. His 36 page white paper delves into the history of remanufacturing, the hundreds of resulting law suits, the emergence of “clone” cartridges that plague the market because of patent infringement, selling at ridiculously low tempting prices and the thousands of Amazon takedowns and also the painstaking business of developing patent safe non-infringing products, legitimately, to high quality standards, acknowledging Print Rite for its pioneering and leadership role in this field since 2001.

Those Remanufacturers still surviving in the market claim “all cartridges from China infringe OEM patents and are illegitimate, risky and poor quality”. Brewer’s white paper finally acknowledges that this is simply not true. Premium Compatible Cartridges or Patent Safe Compatibles as others call them are a legitimate viable alternative that allows resellers to compete profitably for their business in complete confidence knowing they are fully supported by a proven patent safe product technology.

Making a clone replica of an OEM cartridge is easy, it takes no talent and no major investment, but to reverse engineer and design around OEM patents and produce a non-infringing alternative takes a full infrastructure of patent legal experts , design engineers and patent engineers to do it right. Even then, Print Rite look for legal expertise overseas who assess and consult with the Print Rite legal and IP team, so we make certain to get it right.

Pioneering the Patent safe product range for more than 18 years has resulted in Print Rite owning approximately 3000 patents that supports its new built technology platform. Today, Print Rite has the widest Premium Compatible Cartridge range.

Mr. Arnald Ho, Chairman and founder of Print Rite Holdings co. Ltd, has often said, “without OEMS there would be no third party vendors, there may be competition between us but we are not each other’s enemy”. Knowing that OEM’s must file more and more law suits as they try and control the wide availability of “infringing clone cartridges”, Print Rite continues an unwavering commitment to make Patent Safe Cartridge compatibles , acknowledging the Intellectual Property Rights of patentees and seeks positively to find workable agreements with patent holders as they have done successfully over many past years.

The white paper further acknowledges Print Rite’s leadership in the way it approaches design around patents and the speed to bring new products to market free of patent concerns whilst most other suppliers engage in long protracted legal processes. Following this proactive approach in developing new technologies and solutions Print Rite is far less vulnerable to IP challenges. To further illustrate the Print Rite difference, the white paper reports that during the US International Trade Commissions 337 investigation, Print Rite released its PR3 dongle gear solution very quickly in order to further safeguard its customer’s confidence, even though its PR2 original design was eventually found not to be infringing by the ITC. Later Canon acknowledged that the new PR3 design was also patent safe. Print Rite continues to advise its customers to use the PR3 version as a sound and prudent choice for the North American market.

For eighteen years Print Rite has pursued a strategy to develop the expertise and patent portfolio that legitimately supports its Premium Compatible Cartridge technologies. The company continues the 38 year tradition of remanufacturing products also and will continue to develop its dual purpose strategy in order to support its global customer needs. Ultimately Print Rite customers need to be both profitable and secure and whilst selective remanufactured products remain profitable the need for Premium (patent safe) Compatible cartridges that offer both a profit margin and IP security is poised to fundamentally change the third party printer supplies market for good.



PRP opened a new distribution hub in Holland

After months of preparation and about a hundred truck load deliveries, our European stock was moved from Germany to Holland into this new facility in order to more effectively service our pan European  customers


Since May we are shipping from this state-of- the- art facility and it allows us to stock more products that can be delivered to more European locations with a next day delivery, with more flexibility and faster delivery service.


To serve customers better the Print Rite Pelikan GmbH also relocated recently to a new headquarters at Buttnerstrasse 15, 30165 Hanover, Germany, where the Pelikan story started about 180 years ago.

Pelikan printer supplies set to relaunch

Print-Rite Pelikan Europe presents its upcoming promotion, limited t-shirts with images of various posters from 180 years of Pelikan and the associated development of their logo over the years, will be added to various toner modules free of charge.

See more in the following video:

NEW: Pelikan’s IP-safe compatible toner range

In addition to Pelikan’s well-known remanufactured cartridge range, PRP Solutions has now introduced an extended range of compatible new-build cartridges – all completely IP safe! Included are cartridges for HP, Brother, Canon, Kyocera and Dell laser printers. The compatible range is now available and in stock.

Read more on compatibles

Print it Pelikan.

With its quality inkjet and laser cartridges for all popular printer models, Pelikan offers you the clever alternative to expensive original cartridges. You will get the highest quality at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Pelikan ink is wipe-resistant for smudge-free and streak-free printing, giving you professional-looking documents first time, every time.

Geprüfte Qualität von Pelikan Hardcopy
Certified Quality
  • Pelikan is ISO 14001 certified
  • Facilities are ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified
  • Toners are DIN 33870, 33871 and Nordic Swan certified
Clever sparen mit Pelikan Hardcopy Druckerzubehör
Smart Savings
  • Up to 40% cost reduction
  • Page yield is equal
Free extended warranty
  • +1 extra year guarantee on cartridges (full 3 years)
  • Printer warranty is not affected

Free Cartridge disposal

Pelikan collects empty cartridges and tests them extensively for their reusability, giving them a second life as remanufactured cartridges.

Start recycling today!

Print it Pelikan.