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All products in the extensive inkjet and laser range are the result of research at Pelikan’s own Technology Centres in Switzerland and Production facilities in Europe and Asia.

Thanks to extensive testing and regular quality controls, Pelikan can offer you a safe product along with excellent print quality ensuring a perfect print image.

Below you will find an overview of all quality certifications.

Remanufactured according to DIN 33870 and 33871

Pelikan remanufactures toner and inkjet cartridges according to DIN 33870 and DIN 33871. These German norms describe the rigid requirements for remanufacturing and testing of used toner and inkjet cartridges. Target is to give the consumer information and security about printing quality and health.

The successors of DIN 33870 – DIN 33870-1 for monochrome toner cartridges and DIN 33870-2 for colour toner cartridges – require that for products launched after January 2013, the test results are published on the website.


Download the test results here

Page Yield comparison

An easy comparison of the page yield of Pelikan products to the printer supplies of the printer manufacturers is possible based on the results of the ISO19752 (monochrome toner cartridges), ISO19798 (colour toner cartridges) and ISO24701 (black and colour inkjet cartridges) tests. You will notice that Pelikan printer supplies are not only an easy money-saving alternative, but also in many cases offer a higher page yield than the respective OEM cartridge. The ISO test results are available upon request.

Request ISO Test results

ETIRA Code of Conduct

Pelikan Hardcopy is member of ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) and complies to the ETIRA Code of Conduct. The Code represents good corporate behavior, setting out a number of general guidelines and principles adhered to by the user in his daily business. If you buy from an ETIRA member, you are buying from a respected company applying the highest industry standards. Key obligation is to refrain from trading patent-infringing newbuilt cartridges.

Nordic Swan

The Nordic Swan ecolabel is a voluntary ecolabelling scheme that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment – throughout the whole life cycle – and the quality of the product in general. Many Pelikan remanufactured laser cartridges carry the Nordic Swan label. This relates to Pelikan toner cartridges for Brother, Canon, HP, Kyocera and Samsung laser printers.

More information on Nordic Swan


Pelikan offers 3 years warranty on its printer supplies and takes over the warranty on the printer. In the event that the product you have acquired develops a fault during the warranty period, this warranty grants you the right to receive a working replacement from Pelikan. In the unlikely event that the proper use of a product is shown to have caused damage to the device you are using, Pelikan will compensate you for such damage in accordance with the governance product liability.

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