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September 22, 2016   |  Category: General
HP firmware update

Last week many reports appeared in the media regarding a firmware update of HP. These reports wrongly suggested that all cartridges of brands other than HP were no longer recognised by the printer. After extensive tests by our R&D department we are happy to announce, that the Pelikan inkjet cartridges are still recognised by HP printers and work just as they did before the update. Hence, there are no problems with Pelikan cartridges after the HP firmware update.

Worldwide, the firmware update of HP raised a lot of dust. HP inkjet cartridges are quite expensive, therefore a lot of users buy cartridges from other brands. That possibility seemed to be blocked by the firmware update. It now turns out, that Pelikan’s cartridges still work properly. Pelikan printer supplies offer considerable savings compared to the HP cartridges.

Cartridges for Hewlett Packard printers

Pelikan offers an extended range of cartridges for popular inkjet and laser printers of Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Kyocera, Lexmark, Samsung and of course Hewlett Packard. All our products are produced according to the highest quality standards in the industry and provide excellent quality. Apart from that, Pelikan printer supplies offer considerable cost-savings. You can conveniently and quickly find the Pelikan cartridge for your printer via our Cartridge Finder.

An expert on inks and printer cartridges

Pelikan started producing inks back in 1838, and when inkjet and toner technology became popular in the 1970s, we stepped into that business as well. Today Pelikan belongs to the most important vendors of 3rd party printer supplies in Europe. So it is fair to say that Pelikan is a true expert in the field. We are so convinced about the quality of our products, that we offer 3 years warranty and take over the warranty on the printer as well (provided that the cartridge is used in a correct manner).