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June 6, 2015   |  Category: General, Research
Tested products

Stiftung Warentest (a German Consumers’ Association), tested several cartridges on the Canon Pixma MG5450 (issue 6/2015), with the overall quality rating GOOD (2.3) for the Pelikan cartridges C56, C57, C58, C59 and C60.

“Pelikan cartridges produce the best prints with Canon printers”

“Pelikan photos come out as good as the original”

The ink is highly water resistant and achieves consistently good results in the print quality of text and graphics. When printing photos, the tested printer cartridge by Pelikan achieved very good results. The handling of Canon ink cartridges when unpacking and installing the cartridge in the printer was also rated as “GOOD” when compared with cartridges by other manufacturers.

Tested products:
Pelikan C56 ink cartridge replaces Canon PGI-550PGBK XL, Black pigment
Pelikan C57 ink cartridge replaces Canon CLI-551BK XL, Black
Pelikan C58 ink cartridge replaces Canon CLI-551C XL, Cyan
Pelikan C59 ink cartridge replaces Canon CLI-551M XL, Magenta
Pelikan C60 ink cartridge replaces Canon CLI-551Y XL, Yellow

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Stiftung Warentest also tested ink cartridges for HP printers (issue 6/2015)…

In no way inferior to original

The Pelikan ink cartridge produces prints in no way inferior to the original with HP printers, either (model OfficeJet 6700, Pelikan models H89-H92), in terms of wipe, water and light resistance. Which is why it also achieved the overall rating of “GOOD” (2.2) here.

Tested products:
Pelikan H89 ink cartridge replaces HP 932XL, Black
Pelikan H90 ink cartridge replaces HP 933XL, Cyan
Pelikan H91 ink cartridge replaces HP 933XL, Magenta
Pelikan H92 ink cartridge replaces HP 933XL, Yellow

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Excellent results

The outstanding quality of brand products has been confirmed time and again in various national and international ink cartridge tests in the past. This is also the case in the most recent test by Stiftung Warentest (issue 6/2015). Around 19 cartridges of various printers for Brother, Canon, Epson and HP were tested. Two sets of Pelikan ink cartridge were rated as “GOOD”.

All in all, Pelikan ink cartridges are confirmed as a good alternative to the original and bring savings to the user.