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Printing from your mobile device

June 21, 2016   |  Category: General
Printen met je mobieltje

Until recently, it was very challenging to print documents from your mobile or tablet. The quick rise of cloud printing offers new options.

Characteristic for cloud printing is that the information you want to print does not necessarily need to be located on your own computer. Instead, it can be somewhere in the cloud. This information (pictures, PDF, Word or Excel files etc) must be retrieved from the cloud before printing. This is done over the internet. You can use your PC or notebook, but a proper cloud printer has its own internet connection. With a cloud printer you don’t need any computer to print. A real cloud printer is easy to operate with your mobile or tablet using the right app. The benefit is clear: you can print documents anytime and anywhere, even if you have no computer at hand. All you need is a cloud printer nearby. Even proximity is not necessary: you could send a cloud printer at the other side of the world an instruction to print pages or pictures. This way, people at home can immediately enjoy your holiday pictures.
You can also easily print from your mobile phone: iOS from 4.1 in Airprint, and Android from KitKat. However, this is often limited by the requirement that both the printer and the mobile device must be connected to the same network.

Various cloud services

Most new printers today are ‘cloud printing ready’ and every manufacturer has its own app and plug-in for printing. The printer that gives you the best results also depends on what you are printing. If you are working with Picasa online photo albums, for example, you should look for a high-resolution photo quality printer. If the information to be printed is mostly from cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, office quality generally suffices. The same applies for the enormous range of standard and custom applications running in the cloud, enabling employees to work from home and on the road. Additionally, some social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (which are also cloud services) often have low-resolution images and a fleeting character. Usually office quality is fine for these prints.

Paper is here to stay

Some people thought that the cloud would make printing files on paper superfluous. After all, cloud-based information can be projected on your screen everywhere, even on the beach. However, information on paper still has benefits, such as readability and the option of making hand-written notes. Also due to the fast rise and convenience of cloud printing, we will want to see long texts and pictures on paper.

This article is offered by Jessica Pienemann, Product Manager of Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG.