Free extended guarantee

We guarantee that Pelikan products are perfectly designed to meet the specific requirements of relevant devices such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines and typewriters and to ensure the smooth running of these devices. Standard guarantee on printer cartridges is two years, but Pelikan offers one year extra to  a full 3 year-guarantee on all Pelikan cartridges. In the event that the product you have acquired develops a fault during the warranty period, this warranty grants you the right to receive a working replacement cartridge from Pelikan.

Printer warranty

Using Pelikan printer supplies does not influence the legal warranty provided by the manufacturer of your printer. It also does not fundamentally influence the statutory guarantee of the printer manufacturer for his devices. Do not be swayed if you are denied these rights because you did not use products of the device manufacturer.

Pelikan’s complaint rate is extremely low (<0.2%). So the chance of a defect printer, caused by Pelikan printer supplies is negligible. However, in the unlikely event that your printer is defect we offer our full commitment. In such case Pelikan takes over the warranty of your printer and provides support.


Extended printer service

We work together with printer maintenance companies that operate independently from any printer (supplies) manufacturer. Should your printer be defect, this company will come over to your office within 48 hours:

  • they have a deep know-how of printers. All failures that have ever occurred were registered in a database. Therefore they can quickly and easily find the source of the problem and provide a solution
  • Printer spare parts are in stock, so in 93% of all cases, the printer can be repaired on site
  • All technicians are extensively trained and have a lot of experience and know-how
  • Fast service is guaranteed nationwide

Peace of mind is very important to Pelikan. Therefore this procedure is secured in Pelikan’s ISO 9001 protocol.

The warranty period is three years for the whole Pelikan printer supplies range.