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Interview with CEO Arnald Ho

September 26, 2017   |  Category: General, News

The German magazine Digital Imaging published a 4-page interview with Print-Rite’s CEO Arnald Ho. In the interview, Arnald Ho explains the new position of the Pelikan brand in the European market, what will change for the current customer base and how the patent rights of the OEM’s are protected with production facilities now based in China.

Protecting IP rights of OEMs

Most of the Chinese manufacturers have a quite relaxed relationship with the IP rights of the OEMs and have been involved in numerous lawsuits. The interviewer states that Print-Rite seems to be a true exception to the rule, but that dealers nor end customers seem to differentiate between the (few) well-behaved and the majority of Chinese suppliers that ignore the existing IP patents.

Arnald Ho: “Print-Rite is an industry leader and we respect others’ intellectual property, therefore we have seldom been involved in lawsuits with the OEM in the past decade. It takes longer to educate consumers to make a wiser purchasing decision on non-IP-infringing quality products. The Pelikan brand is well-established and would be our endorsement in the European market, the brand itself speaks for quality and originality”.

Made in China

On answering the question ‘how we are going to convince German resellers and end customers to buy premium products made in China’, Arnald Ho says: “This is where the Pelikan brand comes into the picture. Take the example of Apple products, it is not a secret that they are made in China, yet Apple is one of the world’s top selling brands. I think the users today are smart enough to know that many consumer products are produced in China, in fact, many premium brands are manufactured in China too. What they don’t know is which products from China they can trust. And this is what Pelikan can deliver to the users”.

World’s largest manufacturer

Print-Rite claims in its company profile to be the world´s largest manufacturer of after-market printer consumables, but also do other companies. In asking to clear this up, Arnald Ho responds:

“Since there is no standard to decide who is No. 1, I don’t know how the other companies rate themselves. Print-Rite’s claim is based upon being the manufacturer with the widest selection of products (more than 4000 SKUs), including ribbons, inks, inkjet and laser printer cartridges, toner, OPC, rollers, and chips etc. We cater the market with a complete product portfolio and we take pride in the registration of the most patents (over 2600) in the industry as well”.

On the role of the Pelikan brand in the further European expansion strategy, Arnald concludes: “We have confidence in the strong future of the Pelikan brand and we will carry on the legacy of this famous German name. Our business model will be in line with the spirit of the brand while investing more marketing effort to adapt to changes and enhance the brand presence in Europe and across the globe”.


Download the full article (in German) here