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Print-Rite gets the gold in Geneva

April 25, 2018   |  Category: News

Print-Rite, the manufacturing partner for PRP Solutions, has won the Gold Medal, with the accompanying congratulations of the Jury, at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. 

The International Exhibition is recognised as the most important specialist event of its kind in the world and Print-Rite has revealed that its innovations have just been recognised at the latest edition of the exhibition, which was held from 11-15 April 2018.

AMSS (Additive Manufacturing Selective Sintering) 3D Printing Technology was first introduced by Print-Rite in the autumn of 2017. The AMSS 3D printing is similar to FDM printing in process and speed, consisting of just three steps to build a 3D object using special metal filaments.

These processes consist of printing, debinding and sintering to a solid mass, presenting, according to the company, “a cost-effective way for more corporations to integrate metal 3D printing into their workflows to improve productivity.”

This isn’t the first award the company has garnered for its 3D printing technology, having already picked up an accolade from the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries.

Print-Rite officially launched its CoLiDo AMSS 3D metal printer at the end of last year, marking the occasion with a special luncheon in Hong Kong.