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Print-Rite honoured by China Intellectual Property Bureau

December 4, 2017   |  Category: General, News, Product

Print-Rite, the manufacturing partner of Pelikan printing supplies, has revealed that it has been awarded the coveted title of China’s National Demonstration Enterprise of IP Rights.

Print-Rite, based in Zhuhai (China), has been named China’s National Demonstration Enterprise of IP Rights by the China Intellectual Property Bureau, the only company to be thus honoured.

Currently, Print-Rite has more than 2,662 registered patents, both nationally and abroad. The range includes thousands of products, among them ribbons, inks, inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, toners, OPC, chips, 3D printers and more.

In its press release announcing this new national honour, Print-Rite said,

“In 36 years Print-Rite truly believes that the efforts should be made to speed up to blaze a trail in innovation-oriented development and apply technological innovation to industrial development.”

In addition, the company added that it “will also live up to the honour awarded by steering the whole printing industry in China to a road of healthy and robust growth through the implementation of the ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy.”

PRP Solutions is proud to have found a strong and innovative partner that shares our view of respecting intellectual property and IP-patents of other parties.

We congratulate Print-Rite with this honour and award!